Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you to my drivers

Time to say Thanks!

There simply are not enough ways to thank those who have assisted Jennifer, Trent and I during this time of illness.

Many family members and friends have contributed in some way to making my journey a little less strenuous. Some have contributed with assisting me with outside chores at the house while others have provided me with gifts of candy, books and food. And still others have graciously offered, including taking time from work, to drive me to Toronto for treatment. Whether it was a simple drop off or pick up at times a round trip adventure, it is those family and friends I would like to send a thank you to today.

My ever thoughtful wife, Jennifer, mentioned more than a month ago now that it may be wise to make a list of those who have contributed to driving and thought it would be nice to acknowledge them on my blog. I have to admit that even though men do not like to admit, but our spouses do often assist us in so many ways with ideas that are downright responsible. So today, with the latest round of treatments complete, and I know await the results of the most rececent CT-Scan and MRI, I offer my thanks to those on behalf of Jennifer, Trent and yours truly.

My extraordinary team of drivers include:

Pat and Lorraine Larock - Mom and Dad
Beth Latchford
Blair Larock
Natalie Burgess
Nathan Latchford
Andy Wasson
Craig Field
Bill Duff
Ed Burke
Kelly O'Brien
Jamie Batley
Sue Ross
Joe Sullivan
Bob Keast
John Oke
Lee Stephens
Brandon Blancher
Gary Dalliday

I also have to thank the Canadian Cancer Society. I have had a few drivers as well from the pool of volunteer drivers who spend their free time helping by assisting cancer patients with back and forth trips to Toronto, Kingston, and Oshawa hospitals. Finally, if I have forgotten anyone in the list above, please forgive me and let me know. You too deserve to be recognized for your kind efforts.


Finally, most of you know already but on November 1, 2009 Jennifer, Trent and I had to watch as our beloved pet B.J. Larock passed away at the age of 17. Always there for me when I needed a hug of someone to cuddle with, B.J. lasted as long as he possibly could until a stroke finally took his life. He was a very good friend of mine and as pet owners know his loss shook our family substantially.

I often wondered as B.J. aged as to whether or not he or I would go first.

As brutally honest as the next comment is, please don't take it the wrong way. I am glad he was the first to go. You see, his death, our mourning and his eventual burial at my niece's house really gave me the first true insight into death firsthand. I, luckily, have never had to deal with death and closure before. I was obviously very sad to see him pass but in his death I tried to teach myself and Trent that we will always have his memory. We found photos of him and relished his pictures with Trent and us from but a baby to his death. We have buried B.J. at a place that we can all visit and affectionately remember him for his true unconditional love that he provided for us every momement of his life.

Personally, I have considered cremation over burial because, quite frankly, I didnt want to be placed in the cold, cold ground. (I hate the cold by the way). But now, I'm not so sure. I am no longer thinking of my self but rather thinking of a place to rest where my family or friends who wish to visit will still come and remember me at peace. A place with no disease, no needles, and no pain. I know B.J. is at peace now and by living through his death and the aftercare, I am grateful to him for the life lesson he has taught me. His death was scary and the loss enormous, but the sense of peace, rest and closure for those that remain has me feeling a little more informed on my own eventual future. Now I can make a more informed decision on how to deal with it. Thank you B.J. for all that you gave us.

Thanks for reading and sharing...

Next bog... November 27.. the Results are In

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