Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Christmas has come and Christmas has gone for another year. Are we all happy that it's over?

Not me. I find that time of year the one time when you can sit on your ass and do nothing and not get into trouble for it. Sure your spouse or significant other is always looking at you to assist with drinks, put out food for guests, or clean up after everyone leaves, but for the most part you can leave your pajamas on all day and nobody really cares. At least for few days.

In my last blog, I stated that I was going to take this Christmas season to enjoy it with Jennifer and Trent. And yes, we did thank you. It truly is a Wonderful Life.

I don't believe you want to read all the details of the Holiday Season but aside from being busy with family and parties, we did enjoy a few movies and Jennifer's newest board game, Blockus, together. Trent and Jennifer are rather good at it while I am, well... terrible. It's ok, I love to see the smiles on their faces when I pretend I'm such a bad loser.

On January 11, 2010, which was yesterday, I travelled to Princess Margaret Hospital for an appointment with Dr. Siu. The hope was that she would find a miracle trial over the holidays that would work on my Cancer and I would be cured in the very near future. Wouldn't that be friggin fantastic? The reality is there is no such drug yet.

You see, over the course of the holidays, I contracted bronchitis for which my local doctor, Dr. Ahee, prescribed an antibiotic. It certainly worked to get rid of the infection but the truth is that despite my determination to deny it, my breathing is getting more labored these days when I climb stairs, walk and/or do simple chores like take out the garbage.

I also have acquired a cough that many have supportively offered as a 'time of the year virus', but I know differently. I can feel it. I am keeping Jennifer awake at night and its causing me aches in my back and chest daily.

Dr. Siu confirmed that perhaps it may be the cancer growing so its was decided to order a CT-Scan on January 19, 2010 to determine its validity. At this time there is no new trial chemotherapy to give me but she did offer two other cancer drugs for me to read about on the internet and find out if they are covered through our work drug plans. You see, trials are 'free' while 'cancer drugs' cost lots of money. There are substantial side effects as well that one has to consider. She also offered the word I have most dreaded in recent discussions, oxygen. For me, being on oxygen was the worst thing in the world when I was in hospital as a child. First off, you look sick, secondly, you are sick if on oxygen and finally, its a bugger to get around with it. I will definitely have to read more about it first before I agree to it.

Cancer! It has to be the most hated disease, at least, in the Northern Hemisphere. Why can't it just get along with the body? I mean, Cancer wants to just take you over so quickly. I wouldn't mind sharing my body with a little cancer for say 30 - 50 years or so and then I would surely give it up for it. Go ahead, take my wilted, aged body and knock yourself out Cancer. But not 3, 5, or 10 years at best... that's way too damn short in terms of time remaining.

Trust me, I am not giving up but you have to admit that when a terminal illness moves to a next stage you get a whole lot more worried. Especially when the end seems to be closing in. It reminds me of Luke and Hans Solo in the trash compactor. Again that was only a movie with a happy ending.

On a happier note, we added another addition to our family this past weekend. Being home without my friend B.J. who passed away in November, was really tough on me. So Jennifer and I have been searching on the internet for a new friend. We found 11 week-old Buddy Larock, our newest Shitzpoo, on Kijji and picked him up in Bowmanville Saturday.

He's as black as midnight and you can barely see his bright little eyes until he looks up at you to say "I love you". Trent and Buddy are already good friends and I know Buddy and I will spend lots of time in the next few weeks learning how to pee where he is suppose to and not all over the house. I haven't quite figured out yet, however, who will be training who.

Thanks for reading and sharing...

Next Blog... January 25... "Let's Just See How I'm Doing"